PART 1: The Unique PotentialTM Formula

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Launa Germiquet

Founder of Unique PotentialTM | Getting U.P. Personal Business Coach

Why use the Unique PotentialTM Formula

Creating the Unique PotentialTM Formula was a stepping stone for me to evaluate where I am and where I wanted to be. By using it to set goals I have achieved more in one year, then I have in ten. Compare it to setting a financial goal and then looking at your bank statement to give you a true assessment of how far you have gone.

How to use the Unique PotentialTM Formula

Technology changes the game for all of us. As technology continually goes forward, we have to learn how to do things continually, just like aging, as our bodies grow and change, we have to learn how to handle ourselves.

The first stage of understanding YOU is to elevate where you are right NOW
I developed a formula to help you assess your current potential and to understand how you can accomplish your Unique Potential TM

Watch this video to understand the Getting U.P. Formula

My formula multiplies the level of energy you feel your Unique Design carries, by the Action you take on it. I will mention here that not everyone is supposed to take Action the same way. That is what makes us Unique.

Unique PotentialTM Formula

Unique Potential<span class=There are 5 Levels of Unique PotentialTM. To evaluate the numbers you give yourself I created the “5G’s U.P. Chart”, which can be seen below:

How high on G-scale do you go?

The 5 G’s UP Chart

Based off your ratings of Unique Design * Action Potential

Good Nuff

Here is an example to show you how to use the Unique PotentialTM Formula:

You may know exactly whom you are and what you want to do in life. For example, you would like to be 10 pounds lighter, so you rate yourself a 9. But if you are taking little action on that goal, then the rating may be a 5. For Career, you don’t like the work you do, so it would be a 4, even though you get it done at a 7 to keep your job.

Over all The Unique PotentialTM for both would be:

Based on the 5G’s U.P. Chart, the levels may be OK for some of you. Just know that this is how you like to live. If you want to raise your level higher, then let’s get those numbers U.P.!

Unique PotentialTM Activity

1. NOW U.P. YOUR CHART (Rate your Unique Design or Talents in each Field, and then rate the level you take action with those talents. You may have many topics within self and career you would like to rate. For example, Self can be broken down into diet, exercise, finance, family, etc. Career can be broken down into your goals, business relationships, and finances. Which of your talents give you purpose in the different areas? How actively are you pursuing these talents in your life?

2. At this time, rate your Unique PotentialTM in the areas of life that affect you most.

3. Give yourself a score.

If coming up with questions to evaluate yourself is too hard Click here to take the Unique PotentialTM Quiz.

It is fabulous to have these numbers, but now what? Without help or circumstance giving us an awakening, we are often unable to see our Unique PotentialTM.

Instead, we stick to what we know best. Now is the time to come alive and see your Unique PotentialTM.

You can get started on turning your talent into income by understanding where you evaluate yourself today. You can get your Unique Potential score  or you can get your Free Human Potential Design Blueprint to discover what makes you different to succeed., or you can skip all the steps and get your Personal Unique Potential Human Design Blueprint Reading in a one-on-one session with me.


4 Steps to Find your Unique PotentialTM and Get You U.P. in business NOW

Launa Germiquet
Founder of Unique PotentialTM | Getting U.P. Personal Business Coach


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