The Essential Guide: Find your Unique PotentialTM to Get You UP in business NOW

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Launa Germiquet

Founder of Unique PotentialTM | Getting U.P. Personal Business Coach

The Essential Guide:  Find your Unique Potential to Get You UP in business NOWI am seriously so excited for this guide, and I know it will open your eyes to what is possible for you in business and life in this changing world we live in.

Let's face it: There are many programs and/or workshops out there that give you information, but, if you are like many, the information goes into a drawer and is never viewed again as life pulls you back into your habits, and no change happens. Courses with this format seem good at the time, although when it is over, many entrepreneurs wonder where to start, and what they learned to help them get forward.

If this has happened to you, I get it! If I learned anything from the $60,000 I have invested to get me where I am today, it is that nothing happens until action is taken. You can think to be 20 pounds slimmer or have more muscle in your body, although until you change your diet and exercise, nothing happens.

More importantly, a lot of programs keep pushing, pushing, pushing… and they don’t consider your unique blueprint. In working with entrepreneurs that have overcome trauma and having applied the principles of the Unique PotentialTM Human Design Blueprint to my own business life, I’ve found a better way of achieving goals in business AND life.

Note: This essential guide is based on the concepts of the Free Unique PotentialTM Human Design Blueprint . You can get your free personalized Blueprint to get insights on how to achieve your business life goals faster and with more ease.

But there are other drawers to open that will help you succeed in business life, like we'll be showing you in this guide, that will help you take the action that is right for you to succeed.

They are easy to follow steps to act on, simple to understand, and something anyone with the initiative to get ahead and succeed will use for life.

It won’t be easy, and it takes real work to take action on your Unique PotentialTM for this world.

But if you’re looking to get out of your “stuck” zone , this guide will walk you through some enriching ideas you might not have considered before.

If you think e-courses and eBooks are the only way to discover yourself-think again. (if you read this far, I’m sure you agree with me!)

To become Unique, there are 4 steps that I have developed in working with entrepreneurs that have overcome trauma in their life and created more fun, opportunities and abundance for themselves.

Continue reading and discover your level of uniqueness, and uncover your business life purpose. Discover through your Unique Design what makes you different than anyone else in the world. Learn how to use your skills/talents to make a profit.

AND With all that you learn about yourself, the time to take action is now!

What is Unique PotentialTM (“U.P.”)?

“No matter what is happening right now – good or bad- it is meant for you, as it defines your Unique PotentialTM.” ~ Launa Germiquet

Let’s start at the beginning: We are all Unique. You need to understand yourself, how you fit in the world, and the best way for you to take action to succeed. Getting U.P. (Unique PotentialTM) is focused on inspiring you to incorporate leadership and business development, with strategies that help create balance, reduce stress and the opportunity of connecting with community in a way that motivates business owners.

In my research and personal experience, I also discovered that if you are not paying attention to yourself first, like putting on your oxygen mask before others, you just get worn down and even sick.

Unique PotentialTM discovers what you have today and have to do to succeed in life. There are two areas to focus on to understand where you are now and where you would like to be. Unique Design (who you are personally and your talents for business) and your Action Potential (how you use your Unique Design to communicate with others)

The Unique PotentialTM Formula multiplies the level of energy you feel your Unique Design carries, by the Action you take on it. I will mention here that not everyone is supposed to take Action the same way. That is what makes us Unique.

Want to know what your Unique PotentialTM Score is? Click here to take the quiz and find out! 




Once you are clear on your life purpose you will begin to notice changes in your life. You will begin to:

  • Feel a sense of purpose in your life
  • Feel a sense of direction and guidance in your life
  • Become clear of your natural talents and creative ability
  • Easily make choices that resonate with you
  • Naturally attract people

In this Essential Guide to your Unique PotentialTM we will go through the areas that need attention to truly live your life to the fullest and discover what makes you stand out.

We will also talk about:

  1. Your Unique Design giving you connection to your self
  2. Profitability by using your business talents
  3. Connection to the community through Action Potential
  4. How to live your life to the fullest

We’ll show you real life examples of how the Unique PotentialTM Formula worked to guide many to success in life. I want you to stand out in the world and know how you are unique.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” ~ Albert Einstein

The industrial revolution has placed a mold on the universe, and the mold is starting to break apart.

If you love going to work and following all the placed rules, regardless of the toll this may have on your health and sense of fulfillment, you may find that is the easy route for you.

If you hate your job, then continuing to go may not be the healthiest, sane thing to do.

But you don’t have to “hate your job” or where you are at in your business to find value in this guide. This is an opportunity for you to travel to an easier and more satisfying path. This is about reaching new levels of success in business and life without having to work twice as hard.

I want you to Get U.P. everyday and choose what is right for your unique situation.

So think about:

  • What advantage or talent do you have?
  • What experience do you have in using your talents to succeed?
  • What is your BIG Picture Goal in life?

Okay, Let’s discover!

Part 1: The Unique PotentialTM Formula

Once you have reached your Unique PotentialTM, you have no more fear, you have no more limitations, and every day, you feel as though you are Getting U.P. because you want to – not because you have to.

Let’s compare this to learning how to ski.

As you first start out you are on the green runs, learning how to balance and move on these long sticks that glide on the snow. As you learn your balance and understand how to move yourself, you graduate to the blue runs. This is an intermediate level, and you may feel comfortable to stay on the blue runs for life because it is comfortable.

Then there are those who get bored and need to go further. This is where the black diamond runs come in, where there is a lot more risk, fear and injury that may happen, sending you back down to green runs.

As you find yourself back at the beginning to learn, jumping back up to the black diamonds becomes easy as the fear is no longer there. Finally, you could reach the double diamond black runs. Here is where you reach your Unique PotentialTM. Not many make it here, but once you do, you have pride and success for all your hard work.

Taking action takes courage.

Similar to skiing, the Unique PotentialTM Formula I created encourages thriving from just surviving.

Note: Find out your exact Unique PotentialTM Score by taking our 60-second quiz. It’s a fun way to move faster in business while reaching personal life goals. Click here to get your Score!


Part 2: Discover your Unique Potential Human Design Blueprint



The image next is a chart that shows the areas that need attention to truly live your life to the fullest and find your Unique PotentialTM .

At the top of the chart is Unique Design, where I have discovered how Unique Human Design gives you a blueprint of who you are and purpose for being born.

Second, going clockwise, is relating to your talents. Your talents are a part of your Unique Design, and are extremely important to recognize on this journey.

Third circle is your Action Potential where it is focused on how much you have to do to reach your life’s vision.

When all is put together, your Unique PotentialTM becomes a reality. To live life to the fullest, you’ll need to look inside yourself and your own unique personality in a systematic way. You are living your life purpose.

Let's start with discussing your Unique Design

Whether you know it or not, you create your own reality. Just as the things you desire are attracted to you, this law of nature also applies to what you don’t want, in other words, if you are focused on sorrow, or worried about your health, or can’t figure out why business is not working for you, these unwanted things are being attracted to you, In other words, whatever you think about is what you invite into your experience. You have to know who you are at your core and what really works for you to succeed in life.

How do you do that?

Discovering your Unique Design with your Human Design Blueprint guides you too what is right for your nature. Human Design is a vehicle that will help you grow your business, be more influential and support you to reach your full potential.

Like many, you may have gone through many coaching programs or business life seminars, just to feel inundated with so much information and when you try to take action, you feel like you have done something wrong or cant figure out why it isn’t working for you.

Your Unique Human Design blueprint shows what you’ve come here for, what your purpose is and what your strengths and even weaknesses are.

If you’re wondering what you were born here to do, it is simple to give your information and learn how you are unique.

Part 3: Turning Your Unique Design Talents Into Income


Your talents are a part of your Unique Design, and are extremely important to recognize on this journey.

We are all born with talents. You may have just discovered yours through your Unique PotentialTM Human Design Blueprint. If not, I suggest you do, by clicking here.

Many of us do not give ourselves the credit we deserve for what we do so naturally. To pick up what you have as talents, think about what you enjoyed doing as a child. Were you involved in sports, games, cooking, art work, or maybe you liked spending time with your family. There is no right or wrong answer, simply try and remember what made you smile. For me I enjoyed puzzles and games. I could sit for hours, playing cards or piecing together a jigsaw puzzle.

To truly understand your talents, you have to go inside; this may be tough to do as we live in a world where we are taught to cater to the outside world and its needs.

By catering to the outside, we forget to know what the ingredients are to make the food.

After you identify your talents, next you have to identify an opportunity in the world where your talent can be used.

The idea of "do what you love and the money will follow" can be damaging if you believe in it too much. Usually when you do this, you wind up chasing money your whole life, because there's usually not an automatic connection between doing what you love and turning it into income. Instead, take some time to look out in the world and identify the areas that are growing financially and are most likely to continue to grow over the next 20 years. Then connect your talent to these high growth areas.

Next, you need to develop your talents and gifts into strengths. You’ll do this by growing your talent, ideally toward a high-growth opportunity. Your strength gets stronger, and the opportunity grows bigger, and so your success accelerates. The idea here isn't to just "randomly" develop yourself in whatever direction you want - you're going to do it in the direction of opportunity.

Wondering how to do this? Follow the link below for the 8 basic steps.

Part 4 – Take on your Action Potential – Connection to your Community

Learning your Unique PotentialTM Human Design strategy is one part. Living it is another. Without the support of a community that is also testing out and discovering all the nuisances of responding, invitations and informing it is easy to fall back to the way ‘everyone else’ is doing life. By 40 years of age, most people know for certain, doing things the way others do it does not mean success and satisfaction for themselves.

It’s time to take action!

Now that you have, or when you discover who you are and what you have to give, its time to get into motion. Many times we have ideas, but re not sure what to do. BUT now that you know yourself, answers should come easy. You don’t have to do everything, as we are all born to help each other.

Getting Up Now with Launa Germiquet
Launa Germiquet
Founder of Unique PotentialTM | Getting U.P. Personal Business Coach


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