Through the energy of the planets, I am writing a blog post to share, instead of concentrating on mundane tasks that don’t matter and get me nowhere. If you are reading this, I thank-you, and ask that you stick with me; all will make sense as I allow myself to get out of my own shadow of fear.
The sun is now in Gate 9, and will be there until Saturday, December 3rd (UTC-7 Mountain Standard Time)
What does this mean? It means, the whole world has the Gate 9 life force right now. This light force, Gate 9 is the key to putting your energy into the right daily activities that lead you closer to your dreams. (Via why I am writing this post, instead of listening to another course I signed up for) It is time for detail about you and believing in the power of your imagination. How suitable that I have the famous Einstein quote in my office.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

As the sun shines on us we are all experiencing this energy right now. Gate 9 is the gate of focus. What happens often today is we get caught up in details that don’t matter. To go further, this problem comes up often as we try to brand ourselves. Trust me, you are not alone feeling lost, confused or frustrated. How do you break from all the noise and competition out there, right? Where do you research? Who do you follow? What is right?

Truth is, your brand is YOU.

As an entrepreneur, we have to be creative all the time to keep our business flowing, but what happens if you have lost touch with your dream? Like many we get caught up with external noise, like social media, and forget to tap into our own ideas. It hasn’t always been easy for me to be creative and self-expressed. I do enjoy the creative process, but I sometimes put a lot of weight on what to post, when to post, format to post in...and how that contribution will be received by YOU!

When we focus on our creative side and allow it to appear we can actually see who we really are, instead of trying to copy-cat the multi-million dollar businesses out there and getting nowhere.

I can’t tell you how much I have spent, trying to succeed with other people’s routine’s pounded into me. Not saying that they are wrong, they are just not for me. Now is the time to FOCUS and that takes DETERMINATION to show up as ourselves! Even if it is a small task that gets you ahead, it is so much better then being reluctant and becoming dormant and doing those mundane (humdrum or monotonous) tasks that are not getting us to our dreams! Use this energy well. Don’t overdo it, but allow the process to become more interesting the deeper your attention to it becomes.

With Gate 9 in the sun, it is a time for ideas that are outside of your mundane routine to flourish and allow joy into your life.

I would also like to note that the sun is in the 5th House, a key part of life which represents Self-Expression, Creativity, Pleasure, & Romance.

Use this time to focus on your inner soul and create!

Ask yourself, what makes you stand out in today’s world? Don’t go to the internet, or watch TV, instead ask yourself. If you don’t know where to start, ask some friends and family or tune into the genes you were born with and learn about your Human Design.