Trauma has changed your life.

Time to Reclaim your identity.

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“Launa has an effective way of getting to the core of what matters to me, in my business and in my personal life. The Human Design process and Launa’s intuition and expertise really helped me understand how to navigate some major life shifts I am experiencing.”

Sandy D’Acey, Vocalist & Voice Empowerment Coach

We all have Unique Potential.

Ready to discover yours? 

What makes YOU Unique? 

As soon as we are born, the world starts to impact us with messages about whom we should be in order to survive and thrive in this world – but Human Design teaches that the same advice is not correct for everybody.

Did you ever notice that you have a unique set of issues and problems in your life? That is because you do!  - We are all here to battle unique circumstances to fulfill our unique mission in this world.

Did you ever notice that you have unique talents? That is because you do!  - Yes talents are different in every person. - You have your own unique talents and they have been given to you so that you can change the world in a unique manner. 

Did you ever notice that you have unique solutions and take action different ways and at different times then others? That is because you are supposed to! – We all have unique ideas that deserve respect and unique actions to make sure you live your unique life.

Human Design helps you discover your innate gifts and traits to learn from, and share with the world. The road to being your happiest, most successful self is one that is totally unique to you.

“What an amazing reading, Thank-you for putting so much time into it. It was so detailed and totally right on. It validates the work I am now doing in life. I really feel a greater sense of peace from it.”

Lindsay Sacks, Owner & Chief Strategist, Live Bliss Marketing

Launa Germiquet

Founder, Getting U.P. Now
Celebrate Your Unique PotentialTM

Hi, I'm Launa

I'm a corporate consultant turned multi-prenuer. I'm a Human Design specialist, life purpose coach, author, and business entrepreneur.  How can I handle all this.. well I am a Manifesting Generator, and with that we are supposed to multi-task.   After a decade of helping start-up companies brand for venture capital, I felt called to help individuals do the same.

I have created a formula that has a step-by-step roadmap to give people the tools and the confidence to design the life they were meant to live.

My methodology bridges the gap between discovering what makes you unique and taking action with it.  I call it the Unique Potential FormulaIt’s grounded in the practical, but powered by a touch of magic. Because I believe living a purpose-driven life requires a bit of both!  

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Unique Design (1-10) + Action Potential (1-10) = Unique PotentialTM (U.P.)

To go UP and live our highest Unique Potential in life, we have to master our own strategy in life.

Launa Germiquet

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You are so much more than what has happened to you. Are you ready to fall in LOVE with your Self and let the world experience your brilliance?

The Unique Potential Formula can both complement and accelerate your purpose journey. Identify your superpowers and discover how you are designed to more effectively invest your energy, express yourself, share your gifts, make decisions and so much more.I can offer you clarity, tangible action steps, and a safe space to explore what makes you YOU and sets your soul on fire

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