Discover Your Roadmap For Living Your Unique Potential

  • Are you ready to stand out in a world that prefers conformity?  

  • Are ready to create your own definition of success rather than following societies cookie-cutter mold? 

  • Are you ready to take leaps ahead and become YOU? 

When life deals you a bad card, for example a health crisis or divorce, or being laid -off, you know you have to work with what you have and make it better.

Sometimes, it feels like your whole life changes overnight.

What I have found is that the most common mistake people make is that when their life takes a turn, they do everything in their power to return to "normal."

And they struggle because the way their life was before simply no longer fits the same way it did.

You see, your life didn't just change, YOU changed.

In many cases, the events that occurred were a signal from deep within you being that things NEEDED to change.

Think about it... the burnout and exhaustion that comes from working in a career that you hate can build up in your body and case real physical harm.

The same goes for relationships, dreams unfulfilled, constantly striving for your desires and running into obstacles at every turn. 

These all can create significant unrest physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

And these all arise from one source: Not living in alignment with who you are and your purpose.

 It's Time to Get to Know Who You are and What Your Purpose in Life is and Navigate the Next Steps to Reach Your Goals

Energy Heart

Any of these sound familiar?

I feel like I am meant to be doing so much more!

Why don't I feel like I fit in?

Am I wasting my time?

Why do I try so hard and still make no progress?

I try to fix things, but they keep getting worse!

Or even... I've achieved what I thought I wanted, why do I still feel unfulfilled?

If this sounds familiar, don't worry – you're not alone.

Many people don't realize that when you are born you have a unique blueprint that contains:

  • Your purpose and what are you here to learn in this lifetime
  • Various aspects of your personality that really make you who you are
  • The best ways for YOU to make decisions and take action to you reach your goals

Often times our blueprint gets covered through social conditioning, how we are raised, media, and as a result the purest form you were born with gets forgotten.

You being here, reading this page, is a signal that you are ready to discover who you are meant to be.

This is what the Unique Potential Program is designed for.

Here is how it works: 

1. We start with uncovering your Unique Design

Along with clarifying your talents and what life has taught you, we use a system called "Human Design" which was created in 1992  by Ra Uru Hu. It is a synthesis of ancient “sciences” from both eastern and western astrology including the Hindu chakra system, the Judaic Kabbalah, the Chinese I-Ching.
These sciences have been connected to new knowledge within Quantum Physics and genetics. Human Design is a complex system of types, definitions, profiles, lines and gates, and their connections in between create a detailed model of you and your purpose in life.

2. After uncovering your Unique Design we then help you find where you are in your life's journey right now and what the next steps are for you.

To GET UP and live our highest Unique Potential in life, we have to master our own strategy in life.

Here we will discover what is holding you back from taking action. It is important to have correct mindset and understand how your blocks may be exactly what you should be doing to succeed. The goal in this step is to become better aligned with your authentic self.

3. We focus on living by your design and taking aligned action to achieve your goals.

You will gain the confidence to activate your Unique Design and create a simple action plan to fully manifest your unique purpose in a way that brings you great joy.
You will learn how to set realistic goals for yourself, make the best decisions for yourself, what path you should take in all parts of life and what things deplete your energy and what restores it.

 I want to invite you to join…

The Unique Potential Formula Program

In this profound program:

You will cultivate an exponentially higher level of self-awareness about why you make the decisions that you do in your life.

You will learn what drives you cognitively and emotionally. We'll explore your values, character strengths, needs and so much more.

Use a tool that shows your personal DNA to unlock latent talent instead of doing something that’s not you (and is not in line with your capacities, passion and gifts)

Enroll Now For the PERSONAL Unique Potential Formula Program.  

This program’s sole purpose is to help you get from where you are now, to doing work that actually excites you.


Hey, I'm Launa. It's great to meet you.  I'm an entrepreneur, life coach, best selling author and Human Design Specialist.

 At the age of 19 I had my first massive seizure that multiplied into having upwards of  20 small seizures a day.  Despite this challenge, I moved forward with my goals working on a cruise line, traveling the world. When my seizures struck, it was easy enough to pass them off as sunstrokes or anxiety and push through.

I ignored my seizures for 10 years until it became impossible. As a result I had to undergo brain surgery which came with a long road to recovery, including needing to relearn the English language like I was in elementary school.  Once I over came all of this,  I thought I could go right back to living the life I used to.

I quickly dug myself into the same hole with stress, anxiety,  and fatigue.

Having finally learned my lesson, I began my journey of finding my life purpose and used what I learned to develop the Unique Potential Formula.

Now I have helped dozens of clients discover their life purpose through the Unique Potential Formula.  I have a subtle touch that blends both rational thinking and emotional feeling to help people get ahead. 

Do you know what your purpose is? Are you living it?

Let’s get you focused, purpose-driven, and onto living a deeply meaningful life.

Love From Happy Clients and Students

Launa is consistently kind and backs up her "homework" with heaps of support.”

“I feel like I'm on a team with Launa as my business coach. We discuss concerns and next steps, Launa gives me a fresh perspective and presents options for going forward. I am usually challenged by her ideas, some I am ready to go for right away, some I really don't like and some I find myself coming back to when I've had time to process. Launa is consistently kind and backs up her "homework" with heaps of support.”

Susan Hildebrant

Livewell Lifestyle Services

She's a font of knowledge and a pleasure to work with.

"Launa is someone who cares. Whatever she's helping with she seeks understanding of the goal and collaborates with you towards achieving it. She's a font of knowledge and a pleasure to work with."

Richard Sherry

The Bookkeeping Department

Thanks Launa for taking complex information and making it understandable and applicable to my life and helping me on my journey to my life’s success.

“I’ve done a lot of personal work on myself over the years but still consider myself a work in progress in order to push myself to be the best version of myself possible. Working with Launa, and Human Design, has made a profound impact in understanding myself at a deeper level and has added some more tools to my arsenal in helping me to move forward on my life’s journey that I get stuck on from time to time. I am confident that after receiving this information, and starting to use it in my everyday life, I will gain more insight into myself. Thanks Launa for taking complex information and making it understandable and applicable to my life and helping me on my journey to my life’s success."

Mitchell Ravvin

Rave Results Inc.

Unique Potential Formula Course Outline

Here’s an overview of the course modules that will take you from behaving like every other person to being the best possible you!

Session Timing & Content:  There are four modules with 3-5 sessions each that occurs weekly with the following schedule below:

Module 1: Introduction 

  • Session 1 : Welcome to the course : Here is an overview of the course
  • Session 2: Understanding the U.P. Formula: Learn The Unique Potential Formula I created to help guide us to success.
  • Session 3: What is Human Design: Learn what Human Design is and how it can help you discover your Life Purpose.

Module 2: Discovering your Unique Design

  • Session 4: Childhood Influences and Success Blockers This section is meant to help us reflect on our influences so we are able to peel away layers of inauthentic belief systems (b.s.) and roles that do not serve us
  • Session 5: Discover Your Passion: Passion is not your talents or gifts, it is a way to grow your purpose. Here we will discover what makes you tick.
  • Session 6: What are your talents, skills and gifts? In this section we will ask you to reflect on your own talents and skills but dig deep on what truly comes natural to you.
  • Session 7: Your personality: This is where I will be working with all of you individually to discuss your Human Design Chart.
  • Session 8: Life Changing Experience : You may notice a pattern or a series of experiences that led you along, toward where you are today. Understanding this, you may notice your life has been leading you towards something. We will discover it.

Module 3: Action Potential

  • Session 9: Understand Your Conundrums Explore what is in your Human Design Chart showing where your dilemmas or dark side may be and how to approach it.
  • Session 10: Choosing Empowering Beliefs: There are very common limiting belief systems that are passed from generation to generation and person to person much like a virus—a mind virus. We will cure this.
  • Session 11: Excuses: When you catch yourself saying “but…” it’s a signal that you’re about to make an excuse for why you’re not living your life the way you want—on purpose. We will face your buts! 

Module 4: Your Unique Potential

  • Session 12:Clarify your potential/purpose: We will work together so you have a clear understanding of your life purpose.

  • Session 13: Write your Unique Potential (Manifesto): A manifesto is a declaration of your beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions. You have your purpose, now you get to put into words WHY that’s your purpose.

  • Session 14: Take Action: This is where you will set your goals to live your purpose and I will hold you accountable.

Enroll Now For the LIVE Unique Potential Program.  There is a limit of participants to ensure I can provide you the best experience.

When you sign up before January 15 you will also unlock these bonuses:

  Your Solar Return

Your Solar Return Theme for the Year 2021. Your Solar Return themes are what you will be attracting to you throughout the next year and the themes you will be working with in your life in order to catalyze your spiritual and personal growth in order to step into the full expression of the wisdom of Who You Are in this lifetime.

Together we go on a journey to explore your design and during our session you will set goals that excite and inspire you. Using your design we will put together action steps that achieve your goals, shift your life and leave you feeling empowered and excited about the life you are living! 

  Business Book: (Valued: Priceless!)

For those of you that may be business owners, discover how you can find 10K in any business in 45 minutes with my book “45 Minute Business Breakthroughs”. The name says it all!

  Artistic View of Your Human Design:

I will create a piece of artwork that represents you and your Unique Design. Many people I have created t for love it. Many have printed and framed it for a reminder of who you are! 

Still wondering if the Power of Unique Potential Formula

 is for you?

The “formula” that works for you has to be based on how you’re uniquely wired.

Not on someone else’s idea for what you need to do to succeed.

 Read on!

Unlock your latent talent instead of doing something that’s not you (and is not in line with your capacities, passion and gifts)

Get out of feeling victimized and having a limited view of your self and move into compassion and understanding of your self.

Make sense out of nonsense, clear the fog, and approach your work with more confidence and a lighter step.

A lot of programs and common stereotypes say that business and personal life is separate, but that is plainly not true. If you’re ready for new ideas and techniques for increasing your performance … then this is it!


Now that you know what the program is all about, let's talk about the investment.

This program is available for personal 1-1 coaching to ensure that I can give each participant my attention and personal support.

I typically charge $500/month for 1-1 Coaching which means this program of 12 sessions would be upward of $2,000.

To make this program affordable, I will meet with you bi-weekly for 3 months.  All the information is available for you to journey through and when we meet we will resolve any blocks that are holding you back from living your life purpose. 

The Unique Potential Program is priced at $1997 and for a limited time I am offering a 50% discount. If you take action right now you will only pay $997,  Or Three payments of just $365.00

Here is everything you get when you sign up today:

The Unique Potential Program:12-Weeks


You’ll also claim these bonuses:

Bonus #1 - Your Solar Return Chart for 2021
Bonus #2 - 45 Minutes Business Breakthroughs Book PDF
Bonus #3 - Individualized artwork that shows your uniqueness

For a limited time  your tuition will only be $997!



$ 997

(Save 50%) $1,997
One-time payment


$ 365

(Regular $730 )
3 payments billed monthly

Love From Happy Clients and Students

I really feel a greater sense of peace from it

"What an amazing reading, Thank-you for putting so much time into it. It was so detailed and totally right on. It validates the work I am now doing in life. I really feel a greater sense of peace from it."

Lindsay Saks

Owner & Chief Strategist of Live Bliss Marketing

I now have a greater comfort level with my life purpose direction and how to maintain that alignment.

"Launa has an effective way of getting to the core of what matters to me, in my business and in my personal life. The Human Design process and Launa’s intuition and expertise really helped me understand how to navigate some major life shifts I am experiencing. I now have a greater comfort level with my life purpose direction and how to maintain that alignment."

Sandy D’Acey

Vocalist & Voice Empowerment Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the program be available?

Program is available as soon as you sign up.

How long will I have access to the program?
You will have lifetime access to the course materials.
What happens if I don’t have any background in this?

The ideal candidate for this course is a person who is ready to take the leap forward in their life purpose. to empower who they are. Even if you not sure what you want to do, that is exactly why you should sign up as we can discover your life purpose.

Sign UP today

What happens if I’m an experienced Human Design Specialist?
You are an ideal candidate for this course as we will take you to the Action Potential of your gift.
How long does it take to complete the program?

You can take the course as fast or slow as you wish, although the 1-1 meetings with me will be for 3 months. 

What happens if I have questions during the program?

You’ll have an easy way to submit your questions directly to Launa and she will answer them either personally one on one with you or within a the facebook group that you have access too. 

I’m on the fence, is this really for me?

You’re encouraged to meet with Launa to see if the UNIQUE POTENTIAL FORMULA is a right fit for you. Launa will give you her honest opinion without any sales pressure. You can contact Launa at

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