YES, I love Human Design!

It is the most fascinating tool to show who you really are and the potential you have as you live on earth today. 

If you are open to it, I would like to share some fun things about my Human Design chart that makes me unique and who I came here to be.  Yes it can appear complicated, and if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. Otherwise enjoy.

I am focusing on the planets Sun and Earth that defines our Incarnation Cross.  The Cross shows your path (or storyline) that you are designed to live out during your life. It’s not an inevitable fate—you can choose to NOT live that path (although it has been proven that you may get ill if you choose not too).  But most of the time we can’t help but express our Cross, at least partially, because it’s what comes naturally to us. As Rha shares “we don’t awaken to our cross, we awaken in it. Our cross embodies the fullest expression of our awareness potential and our process to living awake.”

To share about the Incarnation Cross, I am going to compare some famous people you may know.... Albert Einstein, Donald Trump and ME!.

Here are our charts: (If you don’t have yours yet.. click here and I will send it to you for free!)

You can see right away how different we are looking at our full charts, although the ironic part is how Einstein, Trump and I have similar Incarnation Crosses: which makes up 70% of who we are.

All the Crosses are split into 4 quarters, Initiation, Civilization, Duality, and Mutation. The crosses are placed in these quarters pending on our sun sign gate.

The Sun, reveals our core energy, our life force. It reveals the theme of this incarnation of ourselves. The sun has a powerful yang energy.

The Earth represents balance, grounding, and fertility. The earth is the motherly yin energy counterbalancing the sun’s yang energy. The gates activated by the earth indicate how we use energy from the sun to create things.

Here’s the fun of charts...Einstein, Trump and I all have gates 6 ,11,12 and 36 in our crosses...

Gate  6: Gate of Conflict/ Energy of Intimacy and who we allow interaction with
Gate 11: Gate of Ideas/Peace and telling stories
Gate 12: Gate of Social Caution/ We have an open or shut door experience
Gate 36: Gate of Crisis/ Nervous energy about what a situation will bring

With this, we all have the Right Angle Cross of Eden! Ironic hey?..

Einstein has Eden 1, Trump has Eden 2, and I have Eden 4 (just to note so does Brad Pitt..:-)

Generally for all of us with the Cross of Eden, we are here to find Utopia in some way or manner. Unfortunately our reach for perfection can also become disappointing in reality. This cross is ultimately about what is the story or history around a certain place or situation that will bring about an intimate experience that they can share with certain others.

What changes for each of us is where the gates are placed. IE) Einstein has Sun Gate 36 in his conscious sun, where I have Gate 36 in my subconscious Earth.

Here is more detail of our crosses showing how we are similar and how we are unique.

Einstein (Eden 1): Einstein’s Incarnation Cross is 36-6/11-12.  This means he is in the quarter of Initiation.  As Rha shares, his purpose is about Inexperienced people looking for excitement or new experience who eventually embody wisdom and grace through loss of innocence.  Many people on this Cross will come into life and either feel they have been tossed out of paradise (heaven) or have an experience early in life that leaves them feeling Eden was lost. His  energy provides the drive to go seek his own Eden through experience. The experience is really his drive to move forward. His gift was to find this slice of Eden and show it to the world. I think he lived his life purpose!

Trump (Eden 2): Trumps Incarnation Cross is 12-11/36-6.  This means he is in the quarter of Civilization.  Rha describes this as, articulate yet opinionated people who take the loss of innocence to the level of art form; the gift of expressing love and crisis in poetry and music.  His Cross has the energy and drive to go and explore the world -- but it really isn't just about him. He has the energy that compels him to bring others along on his exploration. This is the force that led him out of the Garden of Eden. His energy also has ties to art and bringing expression into form. This Cross can go through a period of sadness as there is a lot in the world that is not Eden-like. But fear not the drive to lead or share. Trump’s sense of exploration comes through because that is what he is here to do. So Trump has definitely shared and lead many business in the world.

Germiquet (Eden 4): My sun sign gates are 11-12/6-36. This means I am in the quarter of Duality.  Rha describes me as a person with a philosophical orientation who educates others about the nature of experience and emotions on this plane, perhaps through music or poetry.  In this dense and heavy world, I am here to educate and pass on the importance of the body experience. I come in on the Cross of Eden and I am here to express this philosophy while being in body. Some can tend to be weighted down by the heaviness and others can move to express the importance of being in body and how to live it out. I admit I am still discovering my life purpose, but I know I am here to reflect and guide people through emotional bonding, via why I started coaching.

As you can see, we are all here for a purpose. Discovering that purpose or reflecting on how far you have already succeeded is enlightening. I hope you enjoyed the little comparison.

The Incarnation Cross does get more complicated based on our profile numbers or role we are here to play while we live out our purpose.  In my next post I will describe profile numbers and the importance they have.

For now, find out what your Incarnation Cross is by getting your Human Design Chart here.

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