Unique PotentialTM Human Design Blueprint

This Unique Potential Human Design Blueprint will  help people in businesses like yours to make better decisions for personal growth and self-empowerment!

In this free blueprint, you will:


Uncover your secret weapon in business through knowing your unique gifts as revealed by your birth chart.

Discover your specific Role and Energy type within your Custom Blueprint to feel less anxious responding at life's curve balls.

Develop confidence and trust to reach your business life goals with your personalized Unique Human Design chart.

Make reliable decisions for your personal growth and self-empowerment by acting with the knowledge that is at the core of who you are..



Grab my Unique PotentialTM Human Design Blueprint and start using it today!


Hey! I'm Launa Germiquet...

In sharing the tools and strategies that I’ve developed, I hope to continue to inspire others to discover their own Unique PotentialTM and create the life they’ve always known they were meant to live!

Discover your unique human design only a click away...

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Unique Potential™ Human Design Blueprint

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