Unique Human Design Reading


Live 1-on-1 Unique PotentialTM Human Design Reading

Get answers and guidance to solve your most pressing questions to reach a new stage of growth in your business. During this intensive 30 Minute 1-on-1 Reading with Launa Germiquet you will get clarity on your easiest path to achieving your business life goals.

Recording of Your Reading

Access new insights to overcome new challenges by listening to the recording of your reading with Launa. Often times, details that may not seem important today provide answers to obstacles you will face in your business life tomorrow.

Personalized Unique PotentialTM Human Design Blueprint

Through knowing yourself intimately you can move through life without burning out time, energy and resources. Your Personalized Unique PotentialTM Human Design Blueprint gives you a framework for leveraging your strengths and "working smarter not harder."