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It is time to come out of the box you have been stuck in.

You have a blank canvas too work with, let's create!

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Presenter: Launa Germiquet
July 15, 2021
11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern

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Launa's featured expertise…

In this No Cost Webinar, you will:

End the cycle of compromise to lift a huge weight off your shoulders and feel joy

Feeling courageous and take aligned action to succeed.

Move towards your goals with strategies that cuts down time

You’ve got to take back control over writing your own story and beat the odds to achieve the level of success you aspire and deserve.

The truth is, most of us have forgotten who we really are and very few of us actually know how we operate. Most of us have been taught to go out into the world and "make it happen". Yet, only 1 in 25 of us can actually "make it happen" in that way. This is your next step to make it happen and beat the odds!

In This FREE Webinar, You Will:

Discover three vital steps in discovering your life purpose  to achieve your next life goal faster

Know what you want (And the truth is, most of us don't actually know what we truly want...)
Believe you can have it (Even if you don't know how to make it happen.)
Take the Right Action to get it (And stop trying every idea that leaps through your beautiful head...)

Learn to listen to your senses to know what you truly want and what’s distracting you

Achieve Greater Confidence, Leadership and Joy

and During This Event You Will:

Discover the owner’s manual for your life through your FREE Body Graph

Learn to take the Right Action to achieve outcomes with laser-sharp precision

Uncover and heal conscious and subconscious fears about being more successful so you can quickly plug in to your inherent gifts and talents

U.P. level your relationships, business, health, and entire life

Silence those nagging voices that whisper, “something is wrong with me…why am I so different...why do I feel this way?” goodbye forever

Walk through the actual Unique Potential Formula session I normally do with private clients to assess where you are now and set goals for where you want to be.

Learn to make choices about your life that are in alignment with your true nature, make great decisions, make the most of your energy, and access your unique strengths, design a business that FEELS GOOD to you and show the world who you truly are.

And much much more!

About Getting U.P. and Your Guide

Launa Germiquet, founder of Getting U.P., is a seasoned corporate communications professional and communications strategist. With over 20 years of experience working with venture companies around the world, her talents have helped many organizations to develop strong branding and integrated marketing communications.

Launa created Getting U.P. to help people find their Unique Potential in their business life and achieve meaningful success that brings prosperity and happiness. She has published the book Getting U.P.: Unique Potential is the Key to Your Success in which she shares stories of people overcoming trauma to create their ideal life.

We are all Unique. Everyone is born with unique talents. We all have the Potential to use those talents. The question is do we put our potential into Action to reach our goals? When you do reach your height of Action + Potential, it is a gift to the world and true meaningful success is achieved.

Love From Happy Clients 

“I feel like I'm on a team with Launa as my business coach. We discuss concerns and next steps, Launa gives me a fresh perspective and presents options for going forward. I am usually challenged by her ideas, some I am ready to go for right away, some I really don't like and some I find myself coming back to when I've had time to process. Launa is consistently kind and backs up her "homework" with heaps of support.”
Susan Hildebrant

Livewell Lifestyle Services

"Launa is someone who cares. Whatever she's helping with she seeks understanding of the goal and collaborates with you towards achieving it. She's a font of knowledge and a pleasure to work with."
Richard Sherry

The Bookkeeping Department

“I’ve done a lot of personal work on myself over the years but still consider myself a work in progress in order to push myself to be the best version of myself possible. Working with Launa, and Human Design, has made a profound impact in understanding myself at a deeper level and has added some more tools to my arsenal in helping me to move forward on my life’s journey that I get stuck on from time to time. I am confident that after receiving this information, and starting to use it in my everyday life, I will gain more insight into myself. Thanks Launa for taking complex information and making it understandable and applicable to my life and helping me on my journey to my life’s success."
Mitchell Ravvin

Rave Results Inc.

You Information is 100% Secure. Read Privacy Policy

Note: Don’t worry if you can’t be there on time, when you sign up, you’ll automatically receive a recording to watch at your convenience.

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