PART 2: Discover your Unique PotentialTM
Human Design Blueprint

Manufacturing Millionaires
Launa Germiquet

Founder of Unique PotentialTM | Getting U.P. Personal Business Coach

Now, You have gone through the Unique Potential Formula either with the Quiz or with your own written assessment, to know where you are today, and goals you would like to reach. To improve your score, let’s study your Unique Design.

From the start of the Industrial Revolution, we have been working as robots, going to work - they say nine to five-, but for most it is more like seven am to six pm. Now the world is in transition, where we are paying more attention to ourselves and what makes each one of us unique. For many, discovering our uniqueness is not an easy thing to do after living routine day after day.

How do you invent yourself in this new era?

In my book, Getting U.P., I reveal how to discover your Unique Design so you feel like Getting U.P. to shine everyday. During the down times in life, it can be the most upsetting thing to occur -from fires to car accidents, or becoming sick -it can be tough to Get U.P. again. When life takes a fall, we struggle, yet magically, our Unique Design talents get us moving again.

“You have to believe in yourself and focus for your Unique Design to surface”
~Launa Germiquet, Getting U.P.

Note: This article is part of the essential guide series which is based on the concepts of the Free Unique PotentialTM Human Design Blueprint. You can get your free personalized Blueprint to get insights on how to achieve your business life goals faster and with more ease.

How to discover your Unique Potential TM Human Design Blueprint

There are many personality tests out there that help remind you of who you are. They are all great tests, although I focus on your Unique Human Design Blueprint. It includes the information of who you are, why you act the way you do and how you are unique. All of this together shows personal growth. You can use human design in every decision you make: How you’re picking opportunities, choosing friends and romantic partners, pursuing purpose, and in your career. Human Design is about transforming life by making decisions for you. Discover the beauty of your unique purpose.

“Human Design is very simple. It is about decision-making and how to make decisions as yourself. You have a Strategy and Authority. Follow it. And slowly, it takes time, everything does, but the discipline is deeply rewarded because you begin to see. And seeing is what it’s all about.” ~ Ra Uru Hu

As a former business owner in the field of corporate communications who shunned the world of labels and diagnoses many years ago, I really never found a personality system that worked for myself or for my clients.

While many have value, I felt they still were limiting and too general and didn’t map the unique detail of each person as much as I’d like.

When I was introduced to Human Design I quickly found a way of helping my clients truly understand that they are not flawed, that there is a rhyme and reason to how they roll in the world, and most importantly I found a way to help them understand not only how to better listen to their Inner Voice, but also how to recognize and discern between their Inner Voice and those little voices of fear, doubt, shame, guilt, anger, resentment, criticism & judgment without having to spend years on a therapy couch!

How much better does that sound?

We focus on working in two main areas: Work & Home. I can show you how Human Design influences all areas of: Speaking, Marketing, Leadership, Energy, Mindset, Money, Communication, and Relationships

Curious about how your unique design is impacting your personal and professional life?

To learn more about yourself through Human Design, go to to get your personal blueprint.

Simply click here to get started on receiving your free chart. As soon as I receive your information I’ll run your Unique Human Design Chart and email it within 48 hours. To understand your chart you will also receive a PDF that explains Human Design and the 5 types. Discover how you are unique so that you make better decisions for personal growth and self-empowerment.

You can get started on turning your talent into income by understanding where you evaluate yourself today. You can get your Unique Potential score  or you can get your Free Human Potential Design Blueprint to discover what makes you different to succeed., or you can skip all the steps and get your Personal Unique Potential Human Design Blueprint Reading in a one-on-one session with me. If you missed taking the quiz to know where you stand today, you can get your Unique Potential score.

With your Unique Potential Human Design Blueprint in your hands, it shows you what your talents are for this world. We all have talents, but how do we use them?



4 Steps to Find your Unique PotentialTM and Get You U.P. in business NOW

Launa Germiquet
Founder of Unique PotentialTM | Getting U.P. Personal Business Coach


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