Getting U.P.: Book Mastery Interview

Manufacturing Millionaires
Launa Germiquet

Founder of Unique PotentialTM | Getting U.P. Personal Business Coach

Hosted by Mike Skrypnek

Episode Description

Today’s guest is Launa Germiquet, Owner of the Great Attenders and Getting Up Now Coaching. Launa is an entrepreneur to her core with a life journey that taught her valuable lessons – which she generously shares with others today. Launa constantly sacrificed her own health and well-being to get ahead in the rat race of daily corporate life. She was stuck in a pattern of constantly seeking, while never realizing that simply by stopping to examine the patterns and puzzles at play in her life she could also find the tools to rebuild. With these tools in hand, Launa rebuilt her life to be filled with greater happiness, health, wealth and success on an entirely new level. In sharing the tools and strategies that Launa developed, she continues to inspire others to discover their own Unique Potential™ and create the life they’ve always known they were meant to live!

Watch here: Getting UP! with Launa Germiquet. Grow Get Give Coaching Book Mastery Interview

Launa Germiquet
Founder of Unique PotentialTM | Getting U.P. Personal Business Coach


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