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You'll discover how to get clarity on your easiest path to achieving your business life goals...

Live 1-on-1 Unique PotentialTM Human Design Reading

Get answers and guidance to solve your most pressing questions to reach a new stage of growth in your business. During this intensive 30 Minute 1-on-1 Reading with Launa Germiquet you will get clarity on your easiest path to achieving your business life goals.

Recording of Your Reading

Access new insights to overcome new challenges by listening to the recording of your reading with Launa. Often times, details that may not seem important today provide answers to obstacles you will face in your business life tomorrow.

Personalized Unique PotentialTM Human Design Blueprint

Through knowing yourself intimately you can move through life without burning out time, energy and resources. Your Personalized Unique PotentialTM Human Design Blueprint gives you a framework for leveraging your strengths and "working smarter not harder."

BONUS #1 - Audio Recording Interpreting Your Unique PotentialTM Human Design (value $97)

Get answers, insights and guidance on how to overcome challenges in your business and life even before meeting with Launa! You'll get a 30 to 60 minute audio recording with detailed interpretations of your Unique Human Design.

BONUS #2 - Getting U.P. PDF Book (Value $20)

Getting U.P. by Launa Germiquet will  help people find their Unique Potential in life.

Get the motivation and inspiration to get back U.P. regardless of what life throws at you

Develop confidence and trust in your capacity for thriving in your business life

Understand how to put your Unique Potential into action to reach your goals

Lindsay Sacks, Owner & Chief Strategist, Live Bliss Marketing

"What an amazing reading, Thank-you for putting so much time into it. It was so detailed and totally right on. It validates the work I am now doing in life. I really feel a greater sense of peace from it."

Mitchell Ravvin, Professional Fundraiser, Rave Results Inc.

"Working with Launa, and Human Design, has made a profound impact in understanding myself at a deeper level and has added some more tools to my arsenal in helping me to move forward on my life’s journey that I get stuck on from time to time."

Sandy D’Acey, Vocalist & Voice Empowerment Coach

"Launa has an effective way of getting to the core of what matters to me, in my business and in my personal life. The Human Design process and Launa’s intuition and expertise really helped me understand how to navigate some major life shifts I am experiencing."


Normally $247 - Today Only $150

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