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Meet with me to get a clear next step in reaching your goals without compromising your business, dreams, health and ambitions


You want to find greater meaning and satisfaction from reaching your business and personal goals.
You want to develop rewarding relationships by having a deeper understanding of yourself
You are tired of going in circles to solve a specific problem or hit your next milestone.
Deep down you know that you are the master of your own success and destiny.

Lindsay Sacks

"What an amazing reading, Thank-you for putting so much time into it. It was so detailed and totally right on. It validates the work I am now doing in life. I really feel a greater sense of peace from it."

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What Our Clients Say:

Mitchell Ravvin

"Working with Launa, and Human Design, has made a profound impact in understanding myself at a deeper level and has added some more tools to my arsenal in helping me to move forward on my life’s journey that I get stuck on from time to time."

Sandy D'Acey

"Launa has an effective way of getting to the core of what matters to me, in my business and in my personal life. The Human Design process and Launa’s intuition and expertise really helped me understand how to navigate some major life shifts I am experiencing."

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